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2011 Colours Promotion

Promotional facebook advert for new colour scheme articles.

2013 Ad for Prom Palace

This was used both as a postcard and as a banner ad online. 

2014 Prom Palace Promo

This was originally a placeholder picture used while the website was being upgraded from the 2013 to the 2014 edition. However, it proved so popular that it was also used in a social media campaign. The design was a collage assembled using Photoshop. The most time-consuming aspect was getting the film strip right.

2016 Twitter Ad for Sale

This was a bit of a departure from the usual Glamourous Gowns adverts. A simple design, once I had found an easy way of simulating confetti on Photoshop.

Leisure Centre A0 Poster

This poster was designed to go on display in a Leisure Centre. Unlike the other A0 posters I designed, this would be looked at by people from a close distance. Consequently I was able to use more detail. 

Facebook Banner Ad

This design was used to replace the standard facebook banner for the client, in the week before the sale.

Glamourous Gowns Advert

This afvert was for a bridal magazine. They had fairly strict requirements as to what could and couldn't be displayed.

Mori Lee Promo

This was a similar design to a magazine advert. Owing to increased freedom of image size I was allowed to include a bit more information.

Mori Lee Sale

Designer Days are when suppliers send more samples to a shop, so that the customers can try on a greater selection. There is often a 10% discount involved too.

Eliza and Ethan Multiway

A simple, clean design for an Eliza and Ethan Multiway dress style. If you are wondering why the logo appears so often, it is because Eliza and Ethan insist on it.

Prom Palace Postcard

This was the first postcard I did, so I learnt all I needed to know about bleed here. When Prom Palace was launched they wanted a way of getting the attention of the local girls. Boxes of these cards were sent to the local schools.

Prom Palace 2015 Promo

Every year Prom Palace went for a new look. Provided Mori Lee kept sending me decent copy to use, I was happy to get creative in whatever way they wanted.

Prom Palace Facebook App Graphic

A few years ago it was possible to have interactive facebook pages for businesses. Mobile popularity has put paid to this, and to be frank, it was never the easiest API to work with, as it kept changing. The graphic here has some sprites at the bottom which were used for button images.

Prom Palace Masthead Ad

This was a graphic designed to appear above the footer of every page. A straightforward composite.

Prom Palace Promo

The remit here was just to come up with a graphic for facebook that would let the customers know the new season was on its way. I had fun on Photoshop playing around with abstract shapes and filters. I loved the result and it proved very popular.

Sample Sale Ad

A facebook / twitter ad for a sample sale. Only real remit was to include some of the samples.

Summer Sale Poster

I liked this one because I was able to use a holiday snap for the main graphic. So every time I see it I am reminded of our holiday in Gran Canaria.