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How To Tie A Corset

This film was made to supplement an existing blog article that was proving very popular on the main website.

How To Measure Yourself

This was a film for the sale website, Bargain Dresses. Returns can kill an online site, if they are not managed properly. The best way to prevent returns is to show people what size they need to be, hence the film.

How To Assemble A Hoop

This was another film born on the back of the success of a blog article. It was a fairly rushed affair but thanks to Premiere I was able to paper over the cracks sufficiently to make it fit for purspose.

Gallery Quiz

Thie was part of a multimedia event involving the internet, geocaching and a good old fashioned treasure hunt.

Multimedia Extravaganza

Up until now I have concentrated mainly on static imagery when it comes to producing advertising and promotional content. Consequently this section of my portfolio is a little light. In the fullness of time, padding such as this will be replaced by more down-to-earth content.

Allure Romance 2016 Promo

This is actually a video of a web-based carousel I produced. I made the collages from Allure's advertising copy, then used Bandicam to record the carousel. Finally I tidied it up in Adobe Premiere and added a royalty free soundtrack, which though vaguely annoying, can at least be turned off. Now, why go to the trouble of filming a web presentation? Simply because a youtube clip is very easy