Prom Palace Mobile

The Prom Palace Mobile Site was written for the pre-responsive days of the internet. It used jQuery mobile to produce a cut down version of the main site, allowing mobile users to at least look at the dresses while they waited for their bus.

Front Page


The menu was straightforward, and had a fallback to the main site in case the browser sniffing had failed. If you press one of the options, it flips to a category page.

Category Page


Importantly, the category page displayed the price of the dress. This meant it was very easy for a potential customers to compare the prices from whatever Prom shop they were in at the time. Tapping a dress leads to the Item pages.

Item Page


First thing to display is the description, this is the same as the main site version. There are also buttons at the bottom of the screen. If you press IMAGE then you get a big picture.

Image Page


Whereas the main site would give you an image carousel with multiple pictures, the mobile site would just display the main image full screen.

Share Link Page


The final component of the Item page are the various share links that mobile users of the time would use.

I no longer use jQuery mobile, as I prefer to build responsive sites. jQuery mobile itself seems to have ceased being developed. It's last stable version was released nearly two years ago. In its day though, it was an excellent product.