Prom Palace (old version)

Prom Palace used to get a fresh lick of paint every year. Teenage fashions change more quickly than their fully grown counterparts. So it always provided me with a means to try out a new design in the interests of progress.

Front Page


The front page looks like it might be responsive, but that is just an illusion. The imagery I created from Mori Lee advertising material. Their's was full colour but I photoshopped it to emphasise the dresses. I was very pleased with how the effect worked and used the same technique to produce some posters for the retail shop.

Category Page


The category page packed a bit more of a punch than the Glamourous Gowns equivalent. You could now filter for colour. It was also responsive in that wider screens would show more dresses horizontally. It still didn't play nicely with mobiles though.

Item Page


While not exactly cluttered, it was certainly not responsive.



Already I was beginning to lose my dependency on bordered boxes. Though I was going through a bit of a textured background phase at the time. Ifyou are interested, the marble-like page background I actually made from a picture of a wall I took at an abandoned village called Foinikas, near Paphos. I have a habit of photographing potentially useful patterns, and it is always nice to get to use them in production. The hardest part was getting it to autorepeat. Before I switched to Photoshop, I used to use Paintshop Pro. This had a great little function which made turning an image into an auto repeating image a breeze. It was nothing clever, you could just shift the top left point of the picture anywhere, and it would wrap around to fit. Photoshop doesn't have this facility, which is a shame.