Glamourous Gowns (old version)

Glamourous Gowns has undergone many transformations since it was launched as a site in 2006. This was its latest incarnation prior to the switch to a responsive layout.

Front Page


The front page was in fact, semi responsive. If the screen was wide enough, you would get a background image of the shop, and the map and opening times would be constantly displayed on the right. On smaller screens, they would appear above the footer.

Category Page


There were no filtering opportunities available on the old site.

The Item Page


When we went responsive we ditched the FREE DELIVERY button and the designer logo. We also lost the patterned background. Other than that though, the layout is pretty similar.

Old Shopping Cart


By this time, the shopping cart was beginning to show it's age. Plus, though it tried to be helpful, with the copy option, this did in fact confuse a lot of customers, so it had to go.



The checkout process worked, but it had a UI of it's time, so to speak. Looking at it now, I cannot get over how many bordered boxes I felt were necessary at the time.

It is unfair to criticise its appearance though. In its day it was streets ahead of the competition, and even now, very few bridal websites have a checkout function.