The World of the Ts

This was my first ever website. I haven't included most of the sites I have developed in the pre-responsive age, because there's not much point.I have included my first site though, as a reminder of how much the web has changed, and how much I have progressed.

Front Page


When I did this site, IE4 was all the rage. It had beaten Netscape into submission, and people would seriously discuss whether vbscript or javascript was the way to go. The site had a very annoying midi theme tune, and a mouse cursor trail you can just about see to the left of the multicoloured "Welcome" writing. That writing was also animated. There was heavy use of pre-standards javascript, and each bear featured had their own page. It was essentially a playground for me to experiment with HTML and the likes, and for my young son to explore. Originally hosted on the now defunct Geocities, I learnt a few key points from doing this site:

  • As a rule, music is a no no.
  • Animated effects can get annoying very quickly.
  • Check a web page on different browsers. Not all browsers are equal.
  • Seriously, music is a no no.

One day I will revisit that site and do a more up-to-date version. I keep telling our daughter that, anyway.