Customer Information System

This system had an usual remit, in that it was intended to be used by customers browsing in a retail shop. It was essentially a kiosk app.

The Main Screen


The main screen was designed to look good on both desktop and tablet. It didn't have to look good on mobile because the company weren't using them to present the information.

Search Screen


The most important facility was for the Prom market. This is getting bigger and bigger in the UK, and the fundamental rule about selling Prom Dresses is that you cannot sell the same dress twice to the same school. So customers were able to select their school, and they would see a list of dresses that had been sold. It wouldn't tell them who had bought what dress, as that would cause major fights. However, they could check if their dress was free.

Other Functions


Other multimedia facilities were available too. Basically any sort of web app can easily be adapted to work as a kiosk. You don't even need the internet. In this case, for instance, I set up a small linux box as a web server so the system was entirely self contained.