The Glamourous Gowns Mobile Site

The Glamourous Gowns Mobile Site was developed using jQuery Mobile. In the years before responsive design became viable, browser sniffing could be used to detect if a user was viewing the site using a mobile. If they were, they would get served a cutdown site optimised for mobile phone. You couldn't buy anything on the mobile site. However, you could browse the images, as this was, we figured, the primary thing people accessing the site via a mobile would want to do.

Main Menu


The menu was stored in a MySQL table, so amending it was straightforward.

Mobile Category Page


As you can see the category page was greatly simplified. There was no filtering, only pagination. All the blurb had gone too.

The Item Page: Part 1.


Once an item had been selected, you had three viewing options. The default was text. This showed the same description you got on the main site.

Image Page


You then got a nearly full screen image.

The Share Page


Finally there was a share page. Being able to share a dress on twitter or facebook was a useful function.

In its time, the mobile site was very useful. However it has since been replace by a far more feature rich responsive site.