Facebook Answers

Facebook Answers was a Wordpress Blog I developed. It's purpose was two-fold. First it was to provide hints and tips for people struggling to comes to terms with the Facebook development environment. A few years ago it was possible to write Facebook Fan Pages that were fully interactive. However, the API that was used was flaky at best, so I set the site up to log my own findings. Secondly, I set it up to get experience customising Wordpress sites.

Front Page


Wordpress has a rich pedigree, and is a very powerful blogging application. I prefer to use Laravel as my backbone though, as it is much more flexible, and less prone to spam attacks.

Typical Blog Article


I learnt a lot about Wordpress doing this site. The most important nugget I got from it was the necessity of a bespoke capture system. Using one of the popular methods was pointless, as they wouldn't stop the spam. However, implementing a simple customer written checker would prevent abuse at a stroke.