Cyprus Gowns

Cyprus Gowns is a new site from the Glamourous Gowns stable. It is based fairly and squarely on the Glamourous Gowns look and feel, but has an additional services section.

The Front Page


The front page opens with a picture of Pissouri Bay I took a couple of years ago, with a bride photoshopped in front. From the outset it is clear that the site is closely linked with Glamourous Gowns. However, the category sections have been greatly reduced, owing to the nature of the Cyprus end of the business. Instead, there is an emphasis on the services the company provides:

The Main Service Page


The service page is in effect a single page app. The "More Information" and "How To Book" buttons scroll the page down to the appropriate sections, and the booking form itself is hidden from view until one of the buttons is clicked.

The Booking Form


This form is fully responsive, and kept nice and clean. It gets validated both on the client and server. At this point, no payments are actually taken, because the Cyprus Gowns staff first need to communicate with the customer to determine when they will be required.

Heading: back_office_diary


Once the dates and times have been agreed, the staff member enters the details on the Back Office Diary. This diary is available on pretty much all my sites. It is normally used as a simple calender, or for when customers want to book an appointment for the shop. For Cyprus Gowns I modified it slightly so that it could be linked to the customer booking a service.

Once the data is entered here, an email is sent to the customer requesting payment. The customer then gets a form where they enter their credit card details, using the Stripe service. I created a service provider, and a separate Braintree interface, so if Cyprus Gowns decide to use a different payment gateway, then changing will be a breeze.

The details entered on the diary will also be viewable by the customer.

Viewing Statistics


When a new site is born, it is important to monitor it's reach. The back office comes with a few simple tools for just this process. The above table is especially useful when you compare it to facebook advertising campaigns.

It is early days yet, but Cyprus Gowns shows a lot of potential.