Barn Owls Holiday Letting

Barn Owls runs on a CMS I wrote for letting holiday homes. It was developed so that the client, with limited computer experience, would be able to maintain the site with minimal assistance. It was also developed so that I could add additional domains to it without having to set up completely new laravel installations.

Barn Owls Front Page


All the pictures used in the site can easily be swapped by the client without having to resort to HTML.

The Booking Form


This is where most of the work is done. The customer selects the week they want, and requests a booking. All the prices are easily maintained in the back office.

The Contact Page


The other pages are fairly routine.

The Back Office


For Barnowls I developed a completely new Back Office. It had to be usable by computer novices, and my usual back end is a bit too powerful for that. Given that there are only a few tables to worry about, the back office backbone didn't take long to develop.

The Image Uploader


I was pleased with how the image uploader worked. I made a point of adding plenty of help text so that the customer could maintain the site themselves.

Currently on the back burner, it will be relatively easy for me to utilise the CMS ( to generate more sites for Cyprus clients. The challenge there will be to cope with different languages. However, I foresaw that need when I developed Barn Owls. Time will tell...