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Glamourous Gowns (2016)

Glamourous Gowns is one of the leading Bridal Retail sites in the UK. Started in 2006, it broke the mold by being the first bridal site that actually showed customers how much their dress would cost. Until that time, the price you paid for a wedding dress was, often as not, whatever price the owner of the shop thought you could afford. By keeping their prices competitive, and displaying them up

Cyprus Gowns

Cyprus Gowns is a new site from the Glamourous Gowns stable. It is based fairly and squarely on the Glamourous Gowns look and feel, but has an additional services section.

Work in progress

Cyprus Brides is an information site aimed at UK brides planning to get married in Cyprus.

Barn Owls Holiday Letting

Barn Owls runs on a CMS I wrote for letting holiday homes. It was developed so that the client, with limited computer experience, would be able to maintain the site with minimal assistance. It was also developed so that I could add additional domains to it without having to set up completely new laravel installations.

Prom Palace (2016)

The new Prom Palace website is functionally identical to the new Glamourous Gowns site. The UI is slightly different, as are the filters, but other than that, the experience is the same.


Online Carboot Site

This was a quickie Site for a very impatient client (me). The brief was to showcase the assorted items that we had at home which were not coming to Cyprus with us. It took all of two hours to put together, and most of that was sorting out the item descriptions.

Bargain Dresses

This site was commissioned because the retail arm of the business had accumulated an excess of sample stock. It needed to be sold to make way for the new season's fashions, and the existing online sale section was already a bit full. It was decided to do a separate site, which would be fully responsive.

The Mystery Room

This was a bit of a departure for me, as it relied almost entirely on Javascript. It also involved a lot of of multimedia content generation, which took far longer than I would care to admit!

Customer Information System

This system had an usual remit, in that it was intended to be used by customers browsing in a retail shop. It was essentially a kiosk app.

The Magic Gardens

This is a good example of how to promote an event using a website. Before the event, it can serve as an information source, and afterwards it can serve as a momento.

Point of Sales System

The Point of Sales System was designed to cut down on unnecessary form filling, and to ensure that no customer details were ever lost. It has one function and one function only, so the interface is cut down to a minimum.

Prom Palace (pre Responsive)

Prom Palace used to get a fresh lick of paint every year. Teenage fashions change more quickly than their fully grown counterparts. So it always provided me with a means to try out a new design in the interests of progress.

Back Office System

The Back Office is an often neglected part of a system, but it shouldn't be. It can make or break a site. If the people charged with maintaining the site don't like using it, then you will have big problems, as ultimately, the site will just grow stale. I am going to demonstrate a few pages from a typical back office system I provide with all my sites.

Facebook Answers Blog

Facebook Answers was a Wordpress Blog I developed. It's purpose was two-fold. First it was to provide hints and tips for people struggling to comes to terms with the Facebook development environment. A few years ago it was possible to write Facebook Fan Pages that were fully interactive. However, the API that was used was flaky at best, so I set the site up to log my own findings. Secondly,

Prom Palace Mobile Site

The Prom Palace Mobile Site was written for the pre-responsive days of the internet. It used jQuery mobile to produce a cut down version of the main site, allowing mobile users to at least look at the dresses while they waited for their bus.

Glamourous Gowns (old site)

The Glamourous Gowns website has undergone numerous facelifts since it was first built in 2006. New facilities have been added...

Glamourous Gowns Mobile Site

The Glamourous Gowns Mobile Site was developed using jQuery Mobile. In the years before responsive design became viable, browser sniffing could be used to detect if a user was viewing the site using a mobile. If they were, they would get served a cutdown site optimised for mobile phone. You couldn't buy anything on the mobile site. However, you could browse the images, as this was, we figur

My First Ever Website!

This was my first ever website. I haven't included most of the sites I have developed in the pre-responsive age, because there's not much point.I have included my first site though, as a reminder of how much the web has changed, and how much I have progressed.